Day 3: World Beard Day

Joe won’t grow a beard.

I mean, I don’t mind; beards are scratchy and unpleasant to kiss.

He won’t grow one though because he thinks he’ll look like a badger if he does. Joe has vitiligo, and it makes his hair patchy. Any little damage—a nick or graze with the razor—produces a white patch. A lack of pigment.

So no beard for Joe (although I think he’d look amazing whatever he does with his face).

Do you have any beards in your life?

What does this prompt make you think of?

It makes me think of my friend Ruth, whose character in our D&D group is a bearded lady tiefling creature with horns and a tail and penchant for very expensive ballgowns.

Your turn—set a timer for 5 minutes and write.

Then pop over here and grab a copy of my book so you can get started on your book.

Happy writing!



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