Day 3: Festival of Sleep

I bloody LOVE my bed. I love it.

It is a beautiful peaceful place of cosiness and quiet. There are no electronics in my bedroom (except a Kindle and an alarm clock that wakes me gently with birdsong and a simulated sunrise.

I used to think of my high-end bedding and expensive mattress as an indulgence, but it isn't. We spend a third of our lives in bed. Plus I have a history of insomnia and night terrors, so I want my bedroom to be a delight.

While I'm fighting off angry spoons and tidal waves of unwashed socks, I want to be comfortable dammit.

Today is the Festival of Sleep, invented by someone who was knackered after the hectic festive activities and decided they wanted a day to recover.

I applaud this notion, but also: I turn the time between Christmas and New Year into one big hibernation if at all possible.

Anyway: today's writing prompt is sleep. Do you sleep well? Are you a person who can sleep anywhere, any time (if so I envy you)?

Do you remember your dreams?

Whatever ideas today's prompt sparks, write them down.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and GO. You can carry on for longer if you like... but do at least 5 minutes.



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