December 2: 10 Tricks to help you start writing

Behind door number 2 is one of my most popular recent podcast episodes — 10 tricks to help you start writing!

Ever struggle to start something—like you want to get on with writing, but instead you do 4,197 other things? Yep so do I.

So dive into this podcast episode in which Joe and I talk about how to get started and do the things you want to do—even if you’ve tried all the “expert productivity techniques” and they haven’t worked for you.

They didn’t work for me either because — LISTEN UP — those techniques aren’t necessarily for us!

Join us for 10 brain tricks, discover you’re not broken, and then get started. Hurrah!

Writing Prompt

Today’s prompt is brought to you by the pressing urge to do something else.

So, let that be your guide.

What are you procrastinating on right now?


How does it feel in your body and mind?

What’s the smallest thing you could do to get started?

(Psst listen to the podcast episode it’ll definitely help)



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