The best time to write your book was YEARS ago—the second best time is NOW

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A 3-month group coaching experience for creative entrepreneurs, coaches, writers, and CEOs ready to finally write and publish the show-stopping book that becomes the beating heart of your business.

Ready to write that remarkable non-fiction book that’s hammering on the inside of your skull?

You have a great idea to share, one that lights a fire inside your clients... but now—you’ve stalled.

You know your unique skills and experience genuinely change your clients’ lives... but you can only work with a handful of people at a time.

Your Big Book Idea (if you have one—and if you don’t, we’ll fix that) is bloody brilliant and you know it could help many more people create positive change in the world... but you’re not sure where to start or how to take your unique skills and experience and translate them for a mass audience.

Your clients love you and your work... but when it comes to turning your expertise into published ideas, that damn imposter syndrome keeps forcing itself between you and the book you want to write.

You want to do thisbut writing your book keeps getting shoved aside in favour of something “more urgent”, and you know what you really need is support and accountability.

While you’re serious about finally writing your book and ready to commit to getting the book done, you’re not sure how to actually DO IT... and you worry your book will be a project you start with enthusiasm then abandon.


You know how a book can help you and your business grow but you want to make sure it’s the right book (and not boring AF); you’re ready to write it—and you’re serious about getting it done now so you can reach more people, faster.

I can help you get there.



When I sat down to write this page, I got stuck. Because honestly, look at the state of the world right now.

And so inviting you to come and join me on a book writing adventure felt a bit… weird.

But you know what? The world is always on fire in one way or another and despite that, creative folks keep creating. WE’RE STILL HERE. It’s what we do.

Creating work that matters is an act of REVOLUTION. It’s an act of resistance. It’s a giant FUCK YOU to those who want to silence the changemakers and misfits and troublemakers and nuisances who want to see a better world for ALL of us. It’s a huge middle finger to external forces that we can’t control.

You know where change starts? Right here. With ideas and words, written down, and shared.

In books.

And, yes, in social posts and podcasts and blogs and magazines and articles… but books are special.

Because books are MAGIC, friend. They are magic. They last, they endure, they do not get thrown away, they have weight and resonance.

If you’re not writing your book because the time feels wrong or because you can do it next year or because you feel confused or overwhelmed or scattered—wait just a moment.

How many times have you said this before? How many times are you going to say it again? How many times are you going to tell everyone about your brilliant book idea but not follow through? You have some great ideas but you’re doing anything with them—and your book isn’t going to write itself. You’re not gonna be able to tell everyone about your great ideas if you don’t follow through.

Imagine starting your book now, and seeing it on a bookshelf a few months down the line. Imagine seeing someone reading your book. Imagine the beautiful messages you’ll receive when someone loves it enough to write and tell you how you helped them.

But to get there, you have to take the first step. You have to get started, then keep writing.

So many weird and wonderful spectacular books are not written because the writer hasn’t run with their big idea. And that SUCKS.

Well, not today, Satan!

This time, you’re gonna follow through—and I’m here to help you. That’s what The Weird + Wonderful Book Society is for. I am here to show you how and where to start, to keep you going, and to introduce you to a group of incredible misfit geniuses who will cheer you on and lift you up and help you get your book written and across the finish line.

And you’re gonna love the process.



CLEARLY SEE AND UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR BIG BOOK IDEA CAN TURN INTO A BOOK YOU’RE PROUD OF—so you can reach more people with your message, take your business to the next level, and feel like a superhero whenever you walk out onto a stage in front of people.

CREATE A BOOK THAT WILL BECOME THE BEATING HEART OF YOUR BUSINESS—so you always have absolute clarity on what you do, who for, and why.

MAKE MORE MONEY AND CONFIDENTLY ATTRACT EXACTLY THE CLIENTS YOU WANT TO WORK WITH, EASILY—because your book shows you off as the expert you truly are, articulates exactly what you do and who you do it for, and stands behind you every step of the way, boosting your confidence in yourself.

BECOME THE GO-TO EXPERT IN YOUR INDUSTRY—because your book speaks for you, lifting you up and setting you apart so you’re more visible, more desirable, and more trustworthy.

HOLD YOUR PUBLISHED BOOK IN YOUR HAND—and see it for sale on Amazon and beyond.

READ BEAUTIFUL MESSAGES FROM YOUR READERSas they buy, read, and take action on your ideas.



Validate and refine your Big Book Idea, giving you the clarity you need to write. We’ll hold up your idea and look at it from every angle, and make sure you’re not just writing any book, you’re writing the RIGHT BOOK, which presents your idea in phenomenal fashion.

Bring your Big Book Idea to life. Because you know you have something special here that genuinely changes your clients’ lives, but you can’t quite see how to translate it into a book for a mass audience.

Pinpoint your ideal reader so you have absolute clarity about what you’re writing, for whom, and why—because there are people out there who need your story and who will be grateful you’ve written it.

Help you create a roadmap for your book so every time you sit down, you know exactly what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, which means your book will get done.

Make you an author and give you the tools to do it all over again if you want to. This is author and mindset training rolled into one, so when you’ve published (and you WILL publish) you’ll feel ready for the next book.

Help you grow your business. I know how to create books that will be useful tools for your business, not just a vanity project to look good on your bookshelves and website.

Feel like having a personal writing community. Because it is. I and your fellow authors will be by your side every step of the way, guiding, encouraging, and talking you down off the ledges. You’ll get our eyes on different aspects of your book, helping with structure and tone, and building your confidence.


Feel like a course or workshop. There is a core approach to my group programme but I focus on YOU and your unique story, voice, and Big Idea. There’s no blueprint or marketing-tick-box-book—the experience is tailored to you and your goals.

Require you to give up all day every day to writing—BUT how much progress you make will depend on how much time you can devote to writing it. We’ll keep you accountable every step of the way and give you all the tools you need—the rest is up to you.

Walk you through your book launch and subsequent marketing. I can (and do) offer insights, ideas, and recommendations, but this isn’t where our time and energy is best spent.

Involve writing according to an author blueprint or template. There are conventions we must follow and best practices, to be sure, but this isn’t about creating a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all book that could be anybody’s.

Guarantee you a traditional publishing dealhowever, I can and will talk to you about your publishing options and guide you in the right direction.

Provide you with a fully designed and typeset book—but I can put you in touch with book design and print professionals and advise you on that process.

Shame you. Yes, I am here to hold you accountable and make sure you get your book done—but I am always encouraging and supportive. I will never tell you off, make you feel like you’re not enough, or let you leave our group calls or 1-2-1s feeling anything but excited to move forwards.

“Have you ever thought ‘Gee I’d really love to write my weird and wonderful nonfiction book’ but then your brain is like:”

Jocelyn Brady laughs

🧠 I don’t really have the time right now
🧠 I’ll definitely get to that “tomorrow” (insert time lapse of decades whizzing by, regrets, laments, tears, etc)
🧠 I have 99 ideas but can’t / won’t ever decide on 1
🧠 Who am I to write about ANYTHING OMG WHAT ARE WORDS
🧠 I need someone to hold me accountable
🧠 Can an expert pls help walk me through this process?

Welllll my friends, THIS is a perfect opportunity.

Join me and the small cohort of peeps who have signed up for The Weird + Wonderful Book Society—and write your FULL FIRST DRAFT THIS WINTER.

There’s never going to be a “right time” except for the one you CREATE. Which is basically now because that’s really all there is and you know, it’s a much better time than “whoopsie too late” 💀 😬

As a brain coach myself I know how EFFING HARD it can be to get yourself to do the thing you most want before you die.

Which is why I help people do that.

And it’s why I know that I need help, too. By investing in a coach who’ll help Now Me do the thing that helps Deathbed Me die without regrets.”



The Weird + Wonderful Book Society is a small group coaching experience that gets you from Big Book Idea to well on your way to a finished first draft. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll experience:

Week 1-2 The Big Idea. This is where we’ll validate your Big Book Idea and create your Table of Contents and Reader Journey. We’ll dig into:

  • Why you’re writing your book.
  • Who you’re writing for and what they’re going to get from it.
  • What you want from your book.
  • The challenges you’re facing (and how to overcome them).
  • Your book roadmap and reader journey, so you know exactly what you’re writing in each session.
  • Your game plan for the coming weeks, so you keep moving.

Week 3-4 Deal with your Inner Dickhead, so you can get your best ideas out of your head and onto the page:

  • Regular writing goals so you make steady progress.
  • Continual evaluation and support to help you work through confidence bumps.
  • Weekly reviews of your writing to keep you motivated, writing, and enthusiastic.
  • Regular Q&A sessions with Voxer support between calls to keep you moving.
  • Writing tools and skills to help you improve and beat the blank page.

Week 5 Break.

Week 6-7 Creative nonfiction storytelling secrets so you write like a pro and keep your readers hanging onto every word:

  • The story structure and how to use it in nonfiction.
  • Why your story matters—even if you don’t think it’s “exciting” enough.
  • How to hone in on the details that matter, so you can help your reader sink into your world.

Week 8-9 Start and end with a sizzle. Make sure your book and each chapter starts and ends brilliantly, so your reader can’t wait to dig in and doesn’t want it to end:

  • The story loop: how to keep your reader engaged until the very end.
  • Finish your book on a high so your reader is desperate for more of you and your work.
  • Writing techniques that’ll help you pace your work and create all the feels.

Week 10 Break.

Week 11-12 Titles, taglines, covers, and back blurb—all the small but crucial details that’ll make your book sing:

  • Everything you need to know to create a professional book that holds its own alongside Penguins.
  • Hints and tips on working with book design and creation professionals.
  • How to create titles, taglines, and back blurbs that make readers snatch your book off the shelf.
  • A note on acknowledgements and other gubbins.

Week 13-14 About the author and author bio—wherever you go, people will be excited to read what you’ve written:

  • You’ll create an author bio and media package you can use when promoting your book.
  • How to write an about the author page people want to read.
  • Notes on your author page and Amazon profile.

Week 15 Wrap up and celebrate! Take part in the Weird + Wonderful Author Showcase, so you can show off what you’ve achieved and make everyone proud!

“The #1 best thing about The Weird + Wonderful Book Society is how damn approachable you make the book writing process.”

Hillary Weiss in sparkly top

“When left to our own devices writing a book can feel like this ginormous scary uncomfortable thing that only Fancy People do, but you broke it down SO well and were SO encouraging. Vicky is one hell of a coach, period.

As the start date approached, I was SO excited about TAKING THIS GIANT MESS IN MY BRAIN AND TURNING IT INTO A THINGGG! Oh man. After 10 years of sitting on it.

I was secretly worried that my idea was pointless and dumb and NO ONE NEEDED ANOTHER LADY FROM BROOKLYN WRITING A BOOK. I also worried that it was going to be too shallow to be interesting, and was an exercise best saved for my diary as opposed to something people would find genuine value in.

Vicky showed me that I had nothing to be worried about—she validated my ideas and pushed me onwards.

And I’m SO DAMN PROUD about GETTING 75% OF THE BOOK IN SOME FORM OF DRAFT! This is a 750% increase from where I started, which was 0. I’m pretty sure that’s how math works ;)”



12 weekly LIVE 60-minute Zoom calls with me and the rest of the author crew. You can submit questions in advance or ask during the session. You can download and keep the recordings.

1 private 60-minute 1-2-1 coaching call with me. (TWO if you pay in full!) You can use them at any time throughout the programme, for us to focus on an aspect of your book and iron out any problems or challenges you’re facing. You can download and keep the recordings.

Weekly co-working sessions so you stay on track and accountable.

Lifetime access to 10 video lessons to talk you through different aspects of writing and publishing a book.

Lifetime access to book writing templates to help you structure and organise your book, and get you going when you feel stuck.

Weekly office hours via Voxer, where you can drop quick questions and get fast answers from me and the W+W crew.

My feedback on extracts from your book, and the keys to my near-decade of experience writing my own books, ghostwriting clients’ books, and coaching and teaching other business owners to write their non-fiction books.

Accountability: I and the W+W crew will hold you accountable to your writing goals so you finish strong and proud.

Walk away with your first draft and a clear plan to polish your manuscript and release it into the wild.

AND if you sign up before Monday, June 27, you get:

BONUS complimentary access to the Team Moxie Power Hours and Membership Site for as long as you’re part of the The Weird + Wonderful Book Society, where you get to join us for up to 10 dedicated live writing sessions each week—and get access to the hive mind wisdom of the Team Moxie writers.

You can pay in full—or take out a payment plan spread over 3 or 6 months at no extra charge. The full Weird + Wonderful Book Society fee is £3,500 (+ VAT where applicable) and I have payment plans galore (see below or get in touch if you don’t see what you need).

Seen enough? Feel like this is exactly what you need?



I have payment plans coming out of my ears—so if you don’t see something that works for you, give me a shout.


(please note VAT at your country’s rate is added automatically at checkout)

£1,167 each

(please note VAT at your country’s rate is added automatically at checkout)

£584 each

(please note VAT at your country’s rate is added automatically at checkout)



I’m Vicky—you may have seen my silly Instagram videos… and read my books.

I’m a writer, author, book coach, and co-host of The 1,000 Authors Show and since 2012 I’ve been dancing up the creative entrepreneurial ladder using my superpower combo of writing skills, dazzling ideas, and willingness to fall flat on my face in front of strangers.

Behind the scenes, I was writing copy for clients and building a writing business of my own, and things were going well on the surface.

But something wasn’t quite right.

Yes, I was making money—but I wasn’t writing or creating for myself—and I wasn’t helping my clients in a way that made my heart sing. That only changed when I realised that what I truly love is books, and the power they have to change a life.

Once I had my own books out there working for me, everything changed. Suddenly, clients were seeking me out for my ghostwriting and book coaching services. I started writing articles that got picked up and shared, speaking on stages all over the world, getting interviewed on dozens of podcasts (no pitch necessary), and shared the ideas and skills and expertise I genuinely care about.

This journey took me years of trial and error, a brilliant circle of mentors, friends, and teachers, and tens of thousands of pounds to complete.

Now, I’m here to help you skip that painful process—and give you the guidance and support you need as you step out of “maybe I’ll write a book” mode and into “badass rebel author mode”—as we coax your story out of your head and into your incredible book.


I have just one more question, my fine feathered friend.


Stand up and declare to the world that you’re writing your book and start putting your story out there in the world?

Feel the fear, silence your inner dickhead, and do what you need to do, and experience the delight and confidence that comes from writing down your unique story and feeling great about it?

Finally understand that YOUR STORY MATTERS. That there are people in the world who will be profoundly grateful that you’ve written it down and captured it in a book. And that you can take your story and turn it into keynote speeches, courses, products, programmes, and—of course—bestselling books.


Choose your path below.

Your book awaits.


(please note VAT at your country’s rate is added automatically at checkout)

£1,167 each

(please note VAT at your country’s rate is added automatically at checkout)

£584 each

(please note VAT at your country’s rate is added automatically at checkout)

I have payment plans coming out of my ears—so if you don’t see something that works for you, give me a shout.

“I understand where I am going, what I am doing, how the book is developing, my reader, their journey.... Whole thing is sooooo exciting!!”

“As the start date approached, I was so excited about finally being able to somehow pull together my myriad of emails into some coherent order... a book!

But I suppose at the back of my mind was the thought... is my writing good enough? Will anyone really want to read it—and more than that, actually enjoy it enough to finish it?

I know everyone worries about this. But Vicky and the group were so reassuring. I now have the bones of a structure and more than that—there is some flesh there as well, a fair bit now, in fact.

The absolute best thing about The Weird + Wonderful Book Society is that it’s a fantastic learning process in a like-minded group—who I discovered had very similar concerns and struggles to my own. We were guided all the time by Vicky, whose knowledge and creative brilliance enabled us all to push forward. The camaraderie shared over Voxer and our regular Zoom meets meant I actually came away with the makings of a draft manuscript... FAB!”


“It was brilliant to have the camaraderie from the other people in the group, to know I wasn’t the only one struggling at certain points, and who have contributed so many suggestions to make my own book better.”

“Before we started, I was really excited about getting the ideas in my head onto paper—but secretly worried that I wouldn’t be able to stay focused and motivated for 3 months. That my idea was rubbish. That the work I submitted would be rubbish. Who am I to think I’ve got it in me to write a book other people would want to read?

But it’s looking likely I’ll actually have a book I can publish by early 2022, even though it’s not the book I started writing at the beginning of the programme. And even better, it’s going to be an actual book, far longer than the original pamphlet I thought I was doomed to end up with.

The #1 best thing about The Weird + Wonderful Book Society is the weekly support in the form of office hours and group calls. Plus the quick responses and lots of tips and ways to approach things from Vicky. And regular encouraging “surprise” personal touches from Vicky to stop you feeling so alone in the process.”


© Vicky Quinn Fraser 2022