How I stopped drinking alcohol

Tuesday Boozeday!

Thursday: almost the weekend so let's have a glass of wine!

Friday night: pizza and beer!

Saturday night: spurious excuse to celebrate something = prosecco!

Sunday evening: dinner and wine and a movie!

I wouldn't say I had a drinking problem; I didn't. I was very rarely even tipsy.

But I did drink more alcohol than I wanted to, and it was habitual.

Since Christmas 2018, I've probably had fewer than 20 alcoholic drinking occasions – and when I have had a drink, it's generally been one small one.

And it hasn't been a struggle.

In fact, I started the whole thing as a kind of experiment: what would happen if...?

I was interested. Could I stop drinking? Did I want to? Would I sleep better, concentrate better?

The answer to all those questions was "yes" – and today's email is about how I did it.

This isn't about giving up drinking, by the way; it's about changing a habit you don't want and building a habit you do want.

I found two things super-useful.

  1. Realising I wanted to be a person who doesn't need alcohol in their lives. I've never enjoyed being drunk and I've definitely never enjoyed the hangover. I wanted to be a clear-headed person who could operate machinery whenever she wanted. I wanted to be someone who was confident and fun-loving without any lubrication.
  2. Changing my environmental cues. Instead of pouring a glass of wine, I'd make a hot chocolate or a herbal tea. It wasn't really the wine I wanted, I discovered; it was simply that I wanted something a little more special than water. An occasion. Instead of having lots of beer and wine in the house, we'd have non-alcoholic beer and Seedlip (it was fun experimenting to find the ones we liked). And instead of staying up late finishing a bottle of wine, we'd get an early night instead... or, as we do now, go to a tee-total home and play Dungeons & Dragons on a Sunday afternoon and evening.
What habits would you like to make or break?

Maybe you want to build a daily writing habit so you can write your book – but you're not sure how to start or what to write.

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It'll poke you uncomfortably, it'll make you laugh and smile, it'll get you to think and it'll help you find your truth and get brave enough to use your real voice.

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p.s. I'm not completely teetotal. The difference is now I choose to have a drink if I want one, in a situation that feels right. And it's just the one or two, not half a bottle out of habit. And I wake up clear-headed and annoyingly smug.

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