Episode 247: How to Choose a Book Coach

Show Notes

Behold the application of the word "divot" as insult! Joe, with exciting hair, talks to Vicky about book coaches. Specifically, why you might want to work with a book coach -- and if you do, how to choose one. Tune in for snow updates, real-life coaching stories, and some truths about writing a book.

Key Points

  • [1:50] Vicky is a book coach, but she can’t coach everyone in the world and wants you to find someone who can help you.
  • [3:45] Vicky loves Girl, Woman, Other!
  • [6:15] Why does someone need a book coach?
  • [7:15] Good book coaches are not cheap!
  • [8:25] It’s a scary process writing your book alone!
  • [9:40] Find a book coach in your genre.
  • [10:40] Look for a book coach that’s flexible and can coach you through the process.
  • [13:25] Does it seem too good to be true?
  • [15:05] A book coach needs to be honest and should be able to set the right expectations.
  • [18:00] Vicky offers suggestions on how to best vet your book coach and see if they’re the real deal.
  • [20:40] Vicky likes to ask her clients a series of questions like what have been some of their challenges thus far.
  • [21:30] Is your coach excited about your book idea?
  • [23:35] Get recommendations from your book coach.
  • [25:30] Stay tuned to next week to find out Vicky’s coaching process!

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