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How The Hell Do You Write A Book?

Step by tiny beetle step, that's how.

It’s never been easier to write and publish your own business book... right up until the moment you sit down to start.

I'm willing to bet you haven't written your book yet for the same reasons I didn't write mine. Which is why I wrote this book for you.

In this guide, I break down years of experience writing and self-publishing for myself and a host of clients to share everything you need to write your own life-changing business book – and use your book to grow your business. Oh – and I promise you'll enjoy it, too.

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The Ultimate Guide To Writing The Book That Could Transform Your Business

If you're like most business owners, the idea of writing a book probably sends you into a cold sweat.

After all, you're "not a writer" – right?

Perhaps you've thought about it. Maybe even sat down to start once or twice or 492 times... but you've never got further than that Blank Page Of Doom.

You want to write it.

You have a feeling it could change everything for you.

But something's in the way. Actually, I reckon several somethings are in the way: the business, for one. Clients. Customers. Marketing. Family. Kids. Having a life. Getting some sleep (ha!).

What I'm saying is: shit happens, and our lofty goals and big adventures get shelved while we deal with life.

I know, because I've been there.

My first mentor told me I could write a book. I nodded and smiled and carried on doing what I was doing.

My next mentor told me the same thing, and I nodded and smiled and thought about it for a while.

I didn't write a book because everything got in the way.

Until, one day, I figured out how to get it done. Now I have not one, but two books of my own – and dozens of ghostwritten books for clients – on my shelves. In my new book How The Hell Do You Write A Book? I take you by the hand and show you exactly how you can do it, too.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome the Blank Page Of Doom – permanently.
  • How to create the time and space to write your book – without giving up sleep, hobbies, or time with your family.
  • Why your Inner Dickhead wants to sabotage you, and how to stop it.
  • Where to find inspiration and how to cultivate your hidden creativity.
  • How to avoid looking like an amateur (tips and tricks to make you look like the professional you are).
  • Why tedious writing is “fear masquerading as professionalism” – and how to add a little outrageous flair.
  • How to destroy fluff and waffle so your business book isn’t overstuffed and dull.
  • The secrets of magical storytelling: no pub bores allowed – you'll learn how to tell stories that have readers hanging onto your every word.
  • What to do at the end of your book so your reader yells, “Shut up and take my money!”
  • Why authors abandon their book projects — and how to make sure you finish yours.
  • And much more…

Pre-order How The Hell Do You Write A Book? now to unleash your inner author and write the book that could transform your business.

Vicky Fraser is one of those rare creatures who can and has done, and also knows how to teach you how to do it. Moreover she is peculiarly well fitted to do so, because the writing she started her career with is perhaps most difficult of all: Persuading people to buy things.

This book is not just about technical challenges. It builds your morale, makes you feel better about your ability. It gives you what you need to believe in yourself and get started.

And after it's done that it takes you by the hand and leads you, step by step, to success. Nobody can give you talent but Vicky shows you how to make the best of what you have – and she adds something extra. She is funny. You cannot be bored into learning. She makes it fun. Good luck with your book!

Drayton Bird

Drayton Bird Associates

Vicky Fraser knows exactly how to cut through the bullshit of book writing, calm your inner dickhead, and give you a step by step approach for writing and publishing a book. If you ever get the chance to work with her...jump at it. You’ll never regret the investments that lead you to become a best selling author but you will always regret an unwritten book.

Misty Mozejko

Author & Email Marketing Strategist

Anyone serious about writing the best business book they’re capable of should read this and follow your beetle steps.

Jamie Veitch

Author & PR Consultant to Social Enterprises

Reading your book has made me want to write another!

Sarah Silva

Author & Chemical Translator

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