You’re here because you’ve read my book and followed one of my many links

First: thank you! And welcome!

Second: this page is part signpost and part learn-from-my-mistake

Let’s do the lesson first.

You might have noticed that in my “Next Steps” section, there are lots of suggestions for you.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with giving people options at the end of your book—I love following rabbit holes to find out more about people whose books I’ve read and liked—but I wouldn’t do it the way I’ve done it.

Problem is: I don’t offer all those products or services anymore. I don’t use Facebook anymore. And so many of those links are defunct. Which is a problem when you’ve got a printed book, right?

Don’t make that mistake! It’ll annoy you. I know, because I am annoyed with myself.

Here’s what I do now when I write a book to help people write books: I create a page like this one, and pop some links on.

Stuff that I think people might find useful, or enjoy.

And so, that’s what we have here! Have a wander, see if you find something you like.

Most of all, though—write that book. You can do this.


Vicky Quinn Fraser is a book coach, writer, author, and founder of Moxie Books. She’s also the host of the Notes in the Margin podcast and has been commissioned and published by Audible.

Since 2012, she’s helped dozens of misfits, creative entrepreneurs, and business owners to write and publish weird and wonderful books that transform their businesses—and their readers’ lives, through her 1-1 client work, books, writing, coaching, and podcasts.

These days, she’s on a mission to help more creatives and business owners to find the courage and energy to tell their weird + wonderful stories, then publish it in a book that will call to their perfect people. Because representation matters and the tiny stories are the ones that shape our worlds, even more so than the biggies.

Want to find out more? Catch up with her antics (and aerial shenanigans) on her blog, or say howdy on Instagram @tinybeetlesteps.

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