Day 22: Do you like Mondays?

Do you remember The Smiths’ song Every Day Is Like Sunday?

Every day is silent and grey...

That’s how I used to feel on Sundays. When I was a kid, I’d dread school the next day because invariably I hadn’t done my homework yet, and I didn’t have many friends.

I was a weird and awkward kid.

When I was an adult, I’d dread whatever misery-job I was doing on Monday and often I’d be nursing a hangover to boot.


Now I love Mondays; they’re my fave days.

I know that’s a popular wanky phrase in the hustle-online-twat world, but I really do.

It wasn’t always that way as a business owner though—I used to dread Mondays in my business too. I filled them with client calls, appointments, and client projects.

Not that I didn’t love my clients; I did.

But I didn’t want to start my week on someone else’s schedule—so I stopped. Now there is nothing in my diary on Mondays and the entire day is dedicated to working on my own writing.


So—today’s prompt. Do you like Mondays?

If you do, brill! Can you make more days like Monday?

If you don’t—what could you do to change things?

Set a timer and have a little think on paper. Make your Mondays magnificent.

Happy writing!



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