Day 20: What did you last eat that delighted you?

Not necessarily your favourite meal or your favourite food, but just the last thing you remember eating that made you go ummmmmmmm and smile widely.

Did it surprise you?

Is it something you’ve had before, or something you were tasting for the first time?

Why did it delight you? Was it the taste, texture, presentation, smell—all of the above?

The last thing I ate that delighted me was a handful of peas from my vegetable garden. They’re so sweet and delicious, and I grew them from a seed, which is the most incredible miracle.

And I get to feed the pea pods to my TinySheep Picard and watch him crunching them in delight. So they were a double delight to me.

Your turn!

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write.

Happy writing!



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