Day 20: Describe your favourite outfit

When it comes to fashion, I feel like there’s BC and AP: Before Covid and After Pandemic.

If you’d asked me what my favourite outfit was before the dread plague hit, I probably would have said my sassy little black and white mod mini-dress. I may have even been telling the truth.

Nowadays, though, it’s my outfit that makes me look like a banana. This one.

I love yellow, particularly this shade of bright golden mustard yellow, so I will seek out yellow clothes and wear them all at once. Thus transforming into a sentient banana.

Plus, of course, half of this outfit is the World’s Comfiest Sweatpants and you will pry them out of my cold dead hands. Or legs. Whatever. My point is: sweatpants are now my favourite outfit.

So tell me: what’s your favourite outfit? Why? What’s the story behind this clothing choice of yours?

You know the drill: set your timer for 5 minutes and let words pour out of your brain.

Happy writing!



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