Day 16: What’s your wifi network called?

Please don’t tell me it’s called something like GMbX88d13F… give it a name.

Something to make people laugh, or make a statement, or piss off your neighbours.


Ours used to be The Shambles (because we are renovating a cottage and are mostly in a shambles) but now it’s called Screw_The_Tories because we are both utterly enraged with this shitshow of a government and kinda childish.

Some faves:

  • Get off my LAN
  • House LANnister
  • Pretty Fly For a Wifi
  • Loading… (lol)
  • It hurts when IP

Told you I was childish.

So. What’s your wifi network called?


Set a timer and write about it. Or maybe use this time to come up with a cool name for your wifi I dunno?

Happy writing!



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