Day 6: No pants day

Look I have no idea what No Pants Day is but it made me chuckle.

In the UK, pants are underwear. In America, pants are trousers.

So... what does this prompt make you think of?

For me, it makes me think of comfort. During the 2020 lockdowns, I moved into soft fleecy jogging bottoms with no pants and never looked back.

I also abandoned underwired bras—fuck those things.

Yes, I will make an effort when I go out in public (most of the time) and yes I love dressing up on occasion, but for everyday? I just wanna be comfortable, ya know?

Joe calls my jogging bottoms my “given ups” and he’s right—I’ve given up on being uncomfortable when I don’t have to be.

How about you? What does No Pants Day mean to you?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and see where your thoughts go...

Happy writing!



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